Maryborough City Whistle Stop

Maryborough City Whistle Stop Inc.

An organisation of dedicated volunteers to keep the rail history of Maryborough alive!

Railway Museum

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Opening Hours:    Monday to Thursday 9am - 12.30pm

A visit to our rail museum will take you back in time to when the railway ruled and was the lifeblood for so many communities, both large and small. From the delivery of vital supplies, to the machinery and other goods needed for the production of crops, to the shipment of those same crops, and livestock.

Stand at the Station Masters desk and visualise the time when even rail tickets were hand written (no computers in those days!). Safe working on single line track was controlled by staff and ticket and communication was by Morse code.

From locomotive drivers tokens to kerosene lanterns, from railway staff hat collection to the knock off whistle from Walkers Ltd Maryborough, we have tried to appeal to not only the rail enthusiast, but those interested in the history of Maryborough and the surrounding area.

Our collection even includes trophies from the time when pride in their workplace inspired the local station staff to enter many garden competitions.

During your visit you may be lucky enough to find one of our friendly staff in the process of bringing back to life our model railway exhibit, possibly even a demonstration in the art of modelling.

We have a number of items available for sale at the museum, and at the Ticket Box, on the Mary Ann steam train operation days.

Items include:

  • Hat pins
  • Caps
  • Key rings
  • Post cards